Yes, Laser Facial Hair Removal Is A Thing & Here’s How It Works.

Yes, laser facial hair removal is a thing & here’s how it works.

For those of you already familiar with the many wonders of laser hair removal, the answer to the question “can I get laser hair removal on my face?” might be obvious. But for anyone out there still asking, let us give you the simple answer… Yes, laser facial hair removal is a thing! Keep reading to find out the what, the who and the how of laser facial hair removal.

What areas of the face can be treated? Laser hair removal is effective on almost all areas of the body, including the face. Areas most commonly treated with laser facial hair removal include the upper lip and chin, cheeks, mid-brow, sides and forehead. Areas that cannot be treated include under the eyebrow, inside the nose and inside the ears – for safety reasons.

The same method that is used on the rest of the body can also be safely and effectively applied to facial areas. Of course, strict care must be taken when treating the face as these areas are closer to the eyes. This is another great reason to make sure your chosen clinic and technician have the highest standard of training and uphold strict safety precautions. At Cornwall Skin Clinic, our technicians are trained to the highest standards, and we use full block-out eye covers for your safety.

Who is suitable for laser facial hair removal?

Not everybody wants or needs laser facial hair removal – and that’s totally OK! We understand that each person is unique and what might be a confidence booster for one person is a total confidence buster for someone else.

Many male clients opt for beard sculpting, which is a type of laser facial hair removal that defines and sculpts your beard into a preferred shape. It can also reduce shaving rash, ingrown hairs and other complaints regularly associated with daily shaving. For women, it may be a case of removing some darker-than-you-would-like hair on your upper lip, or a few stray hairs in between the brows.

The important thing to note is that if your facial hair is causing you any unwanted concern, we can help. Our highly trained laser technicians can provide quick, professional and confidential series of treatments that will permanently reduce unwanted facial hair for both men and women.

How many treatments will I need?

No matter which area of the face or body you are treating with laser hair removal, the general rule for best results is a minimum of 6-8 sessions. 

Depending on your skin and hair type, you may require more treatments for optimal effectiveness, but this can be assessed during your initial FREE consultation.

If you would like more information on laser facial hair removal, please contact us.

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