8 tips to care for your skin after laser hair removal

8 tips to care for your skin after laser


Laser hair removal – do I or don’t I? Taking a leaf out of another great brands’ book – Just Do It!  Why? There are so many great reasons to invest in laser hair removal including no more ingrown hairs, no more razor cuts on your shins, no more shaving in the shower, no more “oops, I forgot to wax” moments, and on and on! So, you’re convinced, you’ve had your treatment – now what?
With any medi-aesthetic treatment, there are certain steps you should be taking to care for and protect the treated area. Here are our top tips to care for your skin after your laser hair removal treatment.


1 – Wear loose clothing
It might not be something that immediately comes to mind when booking in for your laser hair removal appointment, but loose clothing is a good idea (especially when treating more sensitive areas). By wearing loose clothing to and from your appointment, you will help to avoid any rubbing and irritation to the treated area. So, throw on a flowing maxi dress or a pair of baggy track pants before your next appointment and keep your skin comfortable, breathable and happy!


2 – Avoid hot baths and showers
Laser treatments effectively create heat in the skin, so it is important to avoid hot baths or showers that might increase your body temperature and lead to irritation. In fact, we recommend avoiding anything that could get you hot or sweaty such as exercise, saunas or spas. Not only are we trying to avoid any extra heat in the area, we also want to avoid the potential for bacteria to grow. A nice cool shower will soothe the area and help to calm your skin post-treatment.


3 – Stay out of the sun
This is the number one rule of a responsible laser hair removal user! Stay out of the sun for at least two weeks before and after your treatment. The same as with hot baths and showers, sun exposure can increase heat to area, which is something to be avoided for best results. As the skin is already having a heat response from the laser treatment, it can put you at higher risk for sunburn and sun damage. So stay sun safe, cover the treatment area while spending time outdoors and, of course, don’t forget your sunscreen! We love Heliocare SPF 50+ (PF) available at The Cornwall Skin Clinic!


4 – Apply Recovery Cream
It’s common for your skin to feel a little warm-to-the-touch after your treatment. Keep the area cool and hydrated by applying the recommended post-laser cream up to three times a day for several days after your treatment. We love Aloe Vera which contains nurturing active ingredients that form a nourishing hydro-film to reduce redness, irritation and inflammation. It also boosts moisture levels which will help to repair your skin post laser.


5 – Try not to touch!
It’s hard to resist running your hands over your freshly lasered legs, but wait! We recommend that you avoid touching your hair-free skin without first washing your hands, as you can run the risk of introducing unwanted bacteria into open pores. So… hands off, and that goes for picking or squeezing, too!


6 – Avoid deodorant!
Although it’s tempting, the skin on your underarms will be irritated so the best way to keep it cool and less irritated is to refrain from applying deodorant and to apply Aloe Vera Gel instead at least for the 24hrs after the treatment.


7 – Take a break from other treatments!
Keep away from chemical peels, injectables or derma pen treatments in the same area for 4 weeks.


8 – Exfoliate!

Exfoliate! You can use our recommended AHA/BHA Exfoliating Body/facial Cleanser to help exfoliate the affected hair. This should be used 3 days after treatment and then be used 3 times per week. This product will help the skin appear brighter and smoother!


If you’d like more information on laser hair removal and its benefits, book a FREE consultation with The Cornwall Skin Clinic.