5 reasons why Autumn/Winter is best for laser hair removal

5 reasons why Autumn/Winter is best for laser hair removal

While laser hair removal can be performed any time of year, it is best to start your journey in autumn/winter. When most people retreat indoors and indulge in comfort food on the sofa, those ‘in-the-know’ take the cooler weather as an opportunity to transform themselves before summer. 

Read our handy blog on the top 5 reasons that you might want to start your laser hair removal series this autumn/winter.


Laser preparation is easier in autumn/winter

Part of the preparation process for laser hair removal is to ensure that you don’t wax or use depilatory cream prior to treatment. In order for the laser to be effective, we need the root of the hair (which contains the pigment) to remain in the follicle. This can be hard during summer when you’re living in swimwear, shorts and cute summer dresses that show off a lot of skin!

It’s much easier to prepare for your laser hair removal treatment during winter when you’re all rugged up in jeans and jumpers and can allow your hair to grow out before shaving at least 12 hours prior to your treatment. Shaving just before your session will ensure safe and effective results!


The sun isn’t calling your name

While there are still beautiful, sunny days during autumn/winter – we find that most people generally spend more time curled up indoors. 

If you do head away for some winter sun don’t worry you can still get laser hair removal with a tan. Our Soprano Titanium System is safe and effective for tanned, brown and black skin as it’s 3 wavelength technology means it contains a Nd:Yag laser wavelength that allows our laser specialists to treat all skin types including those with Skin Types IV to VI.


HOWEVER – after tanning, even for just  a few days you will have ‘sun induced inflammation.’ This is the redness that you experience in your skin after sun tanning. For your safety it is not possible to introduce any more heat to your skin (ie. laser treatments) until this has completely faded and the normal tanned skin developed. We know it can be frustrating but we do insist on at least 7 days after significant sun exposure before we will carry out a laser treatment. We will not treat you if we can see any sun induced inflammation or evidence of sunburn so please don’t ask us to ‘bend the rules’! If you have managed to get sunburned, you will have to wait until the skin has completely healed with no redness or peeling before going ahead with laser treatments, this can take a few weeks  so protecting your skin from the sun’s rays during your course of laser treatments is essential. We carry the Heliocare range of sun protection products and can advise you in clinic which products would work best with your lifestyle. 

This makes winter the best time to start laser hair removal. 


You can avoid excessive sweating

Immediately after your laser hair removal treatment, it is recommended that you avoid excessive sweating, exercise, spas and swimming all things are much easier to miss out on during the cooler months! After your treatment you can simply go home, make yourself a nice cup of tea and relax while your skin takes its time to cool down. Apply your sunscreen to the area as recommended. You can view our full post-treatment care instructions here or take a look at your original post consultation email from us. 


You can stay covered post-treatment

Once you have received a treatment, the hair can take up to two weeks to fall out. While it’s totally okay to continue shaving the area during this time, it is really beneficial to let the hair grow out so you might prefer to just throw on your tracksuit bottoms or leggings and let nature do its thing! After all, it’s winter!


You can be smoother  by summertime

To ensure you receive the best possible results, we recommend locking in your laser hair removal appointments every four to  six weeks initially  depending on which part of the body you’re having treated. This means that if you start your treatments in autumn and continue through winter, you can complete a full eight session package before summer! 


Take advantage of the cooler months and get a head start on having smoother skin now so you can enter the summer with confidence. Start your laser hair removal journey now. 

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