3 reasons why your laser technician should be qualified

You wouldn’t let an untrained electrician wire your house, so why would you let an untrained laser technician near your skin? Ensuring you receive treatment from a qualified laser technician who has the highest level of professional  formal training AND manufacturers training on the laser machine they are using will keep your skin safe, while also reaping the incredible visible results of laser hair removal.  


Here are the top three reasons why you want your laser technician to have formal training.


  1. They know what you need

Level 4 Laser & IPL Qualified technicians have a more advanced understanding of how your skin and hair follicles will respond to the laser, which means they can provide the best advice to suit your needs. A reputable clinic will also offer an initial FREE consultation, where they will assess your skin and hair type and provide you with a detailed treatment plan. A professional & qualified  technician will let you know what to expect, how much it will cost and any pre and post-care guidelines before conducting any treatment.


  1. Lasers are medical-grade machines, not a gooey wax

Medical grade lasers that have FDA Approval are machines that need to be used carefully. They don’t lend themselves to sloppy errors like shaving or waxing do, and an unqualified operator can potentially cause serious damage to your skin. A properly trained technician will fine-tune the laser settings according to your complexion, hair type and other relevant information in order to make sure your treatment is safe and effective. At The Cornwall Skin Clinic ALL our laser technicians hold a Level 4 qualification in laser & IPL.


  1. They know how to make treatments more comfortable

While most people find laser treatments tolerable, some do experience mild discomfort. A qualified laser technician will be able to correctly adjust the laser to provide relief during your treatment, while still providing results.